N3 Testnet Incentive Program

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Exclusive time-limited rewards for early adopters

Welcome to the N3 Testnet incentive program, where developers can earn rare NFTs in exchange for helping us to test the network. The first set of challenges will go live alongside the Nahmii 3.0 testnet launch, with more to come in the following weeks. These challenges won’t be around forever, so don’t miss out!

Note: the Nahmii 3.0 testnet may be reset during the course of these challenges, which may result in a loss of test ETH, progress and network data. NFTs will be paid out on the Nahmii 3.0 Mainnet network once it is live. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of this program at any time.

Key Network Details

CHAIN ID: 4062
Currency Symbol: ETH

Deposit test ETH into Nahmii 3.0

Start your N3 testnet journey by depositing test ETH in to Nahmii 3.0. You can use the bridge or interact with the smart contracts directly

Make your first transfer

Move test ETH from your deposit wallet to another and complete the second challenge. We recommend using MetaMask

Withdraw test ETH from Nahmii 3.0

Using the bridge or smart contracts, the third challenge is to withdraw test ETH from Nahmii 3.0. This process includes multiple steps, but the reward for completing A1 - A3 is your first exclusive NFT.

Make a trade on NiiFi

Experience the power of DeFi on N3 by making a swap using NiiFi

Add liquidity to a NiiFi pool

Start earning a share of transaction fees on a NiiFi pool by adding liquidity. Remember, NiiFi uses double-sided liquidity, so you’ll need equal amounts of both tokens in the pool to complete this challenge

Create a new NiiFi pool

Either by deploying a new token contract or depositing tokens that are not yet on the network, create a new NiiFi pool to complete the second challenge and earn your NiiFi NFT

Mint some tokens

Deploy or find a standard ERC-20 token contract on Nahmii 3.0 Testnet, then mint some tokens to defeat challenge C1

Burn some tokens

Deploy or find a standard ERC-20 token contract on Nahmii 3.0 Testnet, then burn some tokens to complete challenge C2 and earn your next reward NFT

Your first N3 NFT

Deploy or find an ERC-721 contract then use it to mint your first NFT to beat challenge D1

Transferring NFTs

After minting your NFT as part of D1, transfer it using Nahmii’s ultra-fast network to complete D2 and earn your next reward

Mint NUSD tokens on Sepolia

Start your journey towards the next reward by minting NUSD tokens on Sepolia using this contract

Deposit NUSD tokens

Deposit your new NUSD into Nahmii 3.0 using either the bridge or the smart contracts directly

Withdraw NUSD tokens

Finally, complete the challenge by withdrawing NUSD tokens from Nahmii 3.0. We recommend using the bridge

Find a rare NFT

Use the button below to mint NFTs until you find the golden puzzle piece. Each mint has a 10% chance of finding the rare option!

Find the legendary NFT!

This one is much harder! Can you mint an ultra-rare legendary NFT? Each mint has only a 1% chance of finding the diamond puzzle piece!

List a legendary puzzle piece for sale

Found a legendary NFT from task F2? List it for sale in the Kiwii marketplace to complete G1

Make an offer

Make an offer on any NFT listed in the Kiwii marketplace to beat G2

Buy your first marketplace item

Offer accepted? Great! Buy your first NFT on Kiwii's marketplace earn the NFT reward for this challenge

(Optional) Buy or sell a Kiwii Egg

This is our hardest challenge yet! Can you find the ultra-rare Kiwii Eggs ? Buy or sell one to earn the bonus prize!