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Nahmii is a continuously growing web3 space built on three core pillars

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Blockchain Protocol

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Venture Building and Skunk DAO

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Nahmii for Enterprise

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Blockchain Protocol

Cheap. Fast. Instant.

Nahmii is a revolutionary layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. We’ve built the ideal platform for blockchain-based applications that are ready for high-volume commercial use.

minimal latency

Nahmii processes transactions with minimal latency, with no need to wait for the next block to process your request.

low & predictable fees

Transaction fees on Nahmii are stable prior to any transaction and also remarkably lower than Ethereum’s L1 or other Layer 2s.

Instant finality

State-pools architecture ensures transactions reach finality instantly, removing the need for slow and expensive commitments to the L1.

High throughput

Nahmii’s capacity scales alongside your needs, far exceeding Ethereum’s limited throughput.

In other words, Nahmii lets you build, collaborate and earn on Ethereum while enjoying unrivaled speed and security at a fraction of the current cost

Venture Building and Skunk DAO

Serving as the fuel behind the Nahmii dApp ecosystem, Skunk DAO provides funding, resources and advice to developers and communities building scalable applications on Nahmii.

The Nahmii ecosystem is a vibrant, rich and developing community which includes a growing DeFi world, innovative NFT dApps and an unparalleled GameFi space with a great composability across verticals.



The first AMM and DEX on Nahmii, allowing users to swap, LP, and earn rewards.

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Farmii lets Nahmii users liquidity mine with their NiiFi LP tokens and earn NII as a reward.



Nahmii Bridge

The easiest way to bridge your assets between Ethereum and Nahmii.

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Kiwii is the biggest NFT marketplace on the Nahmii network and will allow users to easily buy and sell NFTs.



Kiwii Labs

Minting new NFTs on Nahmii has never been easier, cheaper or faster.

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Develop on Nahmii

DApps built on Nahmii enjoy all the benefits of Ethereum with none of the traditional drawbacks. From EVM equivalence to intuitive developer tools, Nahmii allows developers to realise the true potential of blockchain for the first time.

Develop on Nahmii. Experience Ethereum like never before.

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Nahmii for Enterprise

At Nahmii, we are building a comprehensive toolbox for enterprises to spin up blockchain-based applications with minimal effort.

Nahmii is the go-to provider of licenses and services for CBDC sandbox technology for Central Banks and other web2 native industries, leveraging our unique architecture to make onboarding easy.

We support multiple out-of-the-box solutions ranging from NFT minting and trading, DeFi exchanges and NFT based games.

We pioneered L2 scaling on Ethereum and have been building cutting-edge web3 products for over 5 years. We are experts at bringing blockchain technology to web2 use cases, whether it is NFT-based ticketing or fractional ownership of high-value assets.

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Investors and Partners


“We are always evaluating technologies that can benefit our maritime customers. Blockchain showed potential for demonstrating to stakeholders that our data is real and has not been tampered with, but it could not handle the data thresholds needed in our implementations.. until Nahmii. With Nahmii, blockchain’s potential has become reality.”

Vidar Rabben

CEO Fjord Maritime

“It’s clear to me that Nahmii understands customer needs, and how to use blockchain to solve enterprise grade problems. This is evident in the Nahmii layer 2 architecture. The IoT deployment with Fjord Maritime is exciting for Ethereum, and I am looking forward to future applications of Nahmii for enterprise.”

Tom Lindeman

Chief Strategy Officer, Runtime Verification (former Director of Strategic Initiatives, ConsensSys Software Inc)

“Nahmii’s “State Pools” bring a new approach to the Ethereum scaling conversation- with Nahmii’s method supported through its achieving live customer deployments on Ethereum. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the team at Nahmii grow over the years, and am excited about where things are going with Nahmii.”

Erhan Korhaliller

Founder & CEO EAK Digital