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Ethereum’s interoperable layer 2 scaling solution, offering instant finality, predictable fees, and commercial readiness.

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Challenges and Opportunities of Ethereum

Ethereum will be the foundation for Web3. Despite its strengths, Ethereum faces major challenges, including:

  • Low throughput
  • High, unpredictable fees
  • Latency
  • Delayed finality

Nahmii addresses these challenges by leveraging Ethereum’s security beneath a high-speed, low-cost execution layer.

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Nahmii Makes Every Ethereum dApp Better

Nahmii scales any decentralized application to a global scale. From Defi projects to fintech solutions, from industrial IoT integrations to supply chain management, from oracle solutions to NFT platforms, Nahmii makes them all production-ready with:

High throughput

Nahmii processes transactions at the speed of traditional databases — far beyond any other layer 2 — through the use of horizontal scaling.

low latency

Nahmii eliminates the time between submitting a transaction and first confirmation on the network through the use of state pool technology.

Instant finality

Nahmii is crafted with state-channel architecture, removing the need to commit to a base layer to achieve finality

Predictable Fees

With Nahmii, there are no surprise charges. Fees are always known prior to any transaction

Low Transaction fees

Nahmii’s low transaction fees free developers and users alike from the constraints of an expensive dApp ecosystem.


State Pools

Nahmii’s greatest innovation is a technological breakthrough called “state pools.” State pools combine the instant finality of state channels with the pooled security of side chains and rollups. By merging the best of both worlds, Nahmii achieves instant transactions that are fully secure.

Generalised Smart Contract Support

Nahmii 1.0 supported smart contracts for payments. Nahmii 2.0 enables generalised smart contracts on the network, opening up the door to near-limitless dApp innovation.


Nahmii’s architecture retains the powerful composability of the Ethereum network, enabling builders to create unique, powerful new products.

Security Model

Nahmii’s architecture offers protection from fraud at all levels, securing transactions and user funds from initiation through settlement on Ethereum and everywhere in between.

Data Availability Validation

To ensure that users can effectively challenge fraud Nahmii had to solve the “data availability problem.” To do so, we constructed a decentralised oracle by which the smart contract can verify that data is available.

Nahmii for Developers

Nahmii allows you to build your application layer on top of Ethereum, using familiar tooling developers know and love.

Nahmii Virtual Machine

The Nahmii virtual machine builds on the work done by others to enable full compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts. If you already have experience with Ethereum, you can use what you already know and start building. If you are a complete newbie, learning resources are plentiful.

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Earn on Nahmii

Nahmii provides opportunities for you to earn yield while strengthening the best Ethereum scaler in existence and helping to enable the next generation of the Web

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Projects Using Nahmii


NiiFi is a decentralized crypto exchange, like Uniswap, but with the unique advantage of being built on top of Nahmii. NiiFi transactions are immediately final, with transaction costs that are low and predictable.

Fjord Maritime

Fjord Maritime is a technical supplier to the aquaculture industry offering cost-effective services and products.


“We are always evaluating technologies that can benefit our maritime customers. Blockchain showed potential for demonstrating to stakeholders that our data is real and has not been tampered with, but it could not handle the data thresholds needed in our implementations.. until Nahmii. With Nahmii, blockchain’s potential has become reality.”

Vidar Rabben

CEO Fjord Maritime

“It’s clear to me that Nahmii understands customer needs, and how to use blockchain to solve enterprise grade problems. This is evident in the Nahmii layer 2 architecture. The IoT deployment with Fjord Maritime is exciting for Ethereum, and I am looking forward to future applications of Nahmii for enterprise.”

Tom Lindeman

Chief Strategy Officer, Runtime Verification (former Director of Strategic Initiatives, ConsensSys Software Inc)

“Nahmii’s “State Pools” bring a new approach to the Ethereum scaling conversation- with Nahmii’s method supported through its achieving live customer deployments on Ethereum. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the team at Nahmii grow over the years, and am excited about where things are going with Nahmii.”

Erhan Korhaliller

Founder & CEO EAK Digital

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